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June 25, 2005:
First release: v1.0.


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Welcome to Robot Games Quarry!

This is a record of some of my experiences with robot games, and how they challenged me to begin programing C, C++, HTML, VBS.

MindRover: One of the coolest robot games!

MindRover is a Robot Game that allows you to design and build programmable robots for various tasks and competitions. It is extremely educational: Exercising skills in logic and strategy used in computer design and programming.

MindRover is a Robot Simulation: Allowing competitions in real time 3D robot war, robot racing and other robot arenas. It is exciting to Watch as your latest creations mercilessly crack through the defenses of your opponent!

Mindrover in international: Build your own robot to compete all over the world in online robot games.

MindRover is Robot Simulator: Free Addon components available, can be used to program lego robot kits. Tranfser your design to the real world! Also compatible with OOPic. Lego Robot Kit.

MindRover: The Europa Project BUY MINDROVER HERE

Colobot - another among the best robot games for learning

Colobot is another fantastic learning game! In Colobot, at first, it is also much like a FPS and an RTS. You must harvest raw materials to build machines and supply them with energy. Later, you write in a Java like language. Solving puzzles, fighting off alien ants, and much, much more.

Robot Game: Colobot


Free online multiplayer robot game of design and autonomous battle.

Robot Game: RoboForge

Robot Rage

Online, multiplayer robot game where you design and battle it out all over the globe!

Robot Game: RobotRage